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Cross-sector applications

Our products are used in a broad range of sectors. High-quality materials for insulation, sealing and soft dedding are used in multi-faceted and cross-sector applications. We have compiled a list, which is in no way conclusive, detailing some of the typical areas of applications and sectors are products are used in as an overview of our range of services. But, if you look carefully, you will also find our ZEMO products used in many other areas. And, in case you do not find our products there, let us know your requirements and we will be sure to find the perfect solution by working in collaboration with you.

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ZEMO products are used for the following insulation,
sealing and soft dedding materials:

  • Seals, sealing plates
  • Flat seals
  • Plasterer's floats
  • General padding
  • Various pads, workstation mats
  • Upholstery

ZEMO products are used
in the following sectors:

Mechanical engineering: seals, flat seals
Automotive industry: seals, bumpers, etc. cooler pads
Construction industry: Plasterer's floats, sheet piling sealing
Car body construction: padding, general
die making, die cutting material
Mopeds/scooters/motorbikes: pads for seats
Model making: tyres for model cars
boats and yachts
Wind turbines, offshore sector: seals
Orthopaedics and shoe technology: shaft padding, upholstery of leather, shock absorption
Riding equipment: sport saddles
Advertising industry: pads such as mousepads